3 steps to mark abs

3 steps to mark abs

95% of the work to get a 6-pack abs is losing body fat and abdominal exercise will not. If you have a beer belly, you can sit-ups year-round and still won’t have a strong abs. You may have abdominal muscles very developed, but if they are covered in fat, then no one is going to see them.

Losing weight and having strong abs is as easy as following these 3 steps.

  1. Exercise a little more
  2. Eat a little less
  3. Drink lots of water

When people think about losing weight , what comes to mind are words like “hunger,” “deprivation,” “diet,” and “agony.” No! Losing weight properly will not lead to any of these, the key is in the previous two words “common sense”. Most of the fad diets out there are unhealthy, dangerous, or both, and usually lead to misery and hunger which ultimately leads to bingeing and guilt.

Pasos para marcar los abdominales

Good nutrition + exercise = marked abs

There is no such thing as spot fat removal despite what the late night commercials try to sell you. You cannot remove “target” fat unless you have liposuction. All you can do is lose weight and let the body decide where the fat is coming from. Let’s talk about expectations, you cannot be marked in 10 days or up to 30 days. A weight loss program will allow you to lose weight gradually, one pound per week is a good point – 2 pounds per week maximum. If you count 50 pounds overweight it will take 6 months to a year to remove it. Losing fat at this gradual rate means that you will never feel hungry or deprived. Another reason to lose weight little by little is for your body not to burn the muscle that you have gained in your training. Nobody!

1. To lose weight: Exercise more

You lose fat when you burn more calories than you consume. To burn calories you need to do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day. Do not worry, cardiovascular exercise does not burn muscles, in fact it can help you gain muscle
Of course, it must be borne in mind that it is proven that performing more than 1 hour of cardiovascular exercise causes muscle loss.

And what constitutes a cardiovascular exercise?

Cardiovascular exercise is one that raises the heart rate between 70% -85% of its maximum for at least 20 minutes. What is the best cardio for weight loss? For most people, walking is the best form of cardio! Easy, pleasant risk and low point of injury. For a young person in good health, jogging or swimming are other good options for cardiovascular exercise. You can also use hybrid workouts or sports for your cardiovascular training.

It is not only the realization of cardiovascular exercise important for the loss of fat, the weight lifting is just as important or more when it comes to losing fat. Weight lifting burns calories too and most importantly helps your muscles grow.

Caution: A few words of warning, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that because you’re exercising you can eat whatever you want – you can’t. No matter how much exercise you do, if you eat more calories than you burn with your training, this way you will end up gaining fat instead of losing it.

2. To lose weight: eat less

The second part of losing fat is eating less, that is, consuming fewer calories. Remember this does not mean starving yourself or becoming destitute!

Most people fail to achieve their goals, not because of eating too much but because of eating enough! If you are hungry it means that you are doing something very wrong. Unless you are a bodybuilder eating less does not mean that you should give up all the foods you like. If you have a craving for your favorite food then you are human!

There are many nutrition methods when it comes to weight loss and they all work, at least in the short term. How they differ is in their state of health and if the results are long-term, long-lasting or not!

Basics of good nutrition

Let’s start with something basic that applies to all nutrition methods when it comes to losing fat – it is important to eat many small meals rather than a few large ones. You cannot lose weight by eating one or two meals a day, this puts your body in starvation mode and reduces your metabolism. You need 3-6 meals a day. I know you are thinking, “I can’t eat six times a day, I don’t have time!” Well, I can’t cook more than three meals a day for work and I can even eat six healthy meals a day.

The small meals that you eat each day should be well balanced – what does this mean? It depends a bit on your eating plan, but most of each meal should probably be vegetables and whole grains, some type of lean protein (beans, dairy, meat), and a small amount of fruit. Your body doesn’t store protein, you just can’t eat a big steak for dinner and call this your daily protein.

What should we have in our meals?

Every meal should have at least

  • 1/6 of your daily protein requirement
  • should contain a lot of vegetables without sauces (fresh or steamed), the more the better. Vegetables that fill up with only a few calories, this is the key to avoiding hunger!
  • It should not have more than 25% of the calories from fat (only good fats like avocados, olives, nuts)
  • You should have whole grain carbohydrates for energy like oatmeal, brown rice, or quinoa. Avoid simple carbohydrates like sugar.
  • Must have a small portion of fruit

People ask me all the time what a healthy snack is. Well, a healthy snack is something that fits into your nutrition plan for the day without exceeding the calorie allowance or the number of grams of fat, protein, and carbohydrates that you have decided is appropriate.

3. Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water can help you lose weight! There are several ways this works, the main way is that two glasses of water that you should consume before your meal makes your stomach feel full so you eat less.

We already talked in the previous article about the reasons why a bodybuilder needs to consume water.

How to deal with cravings

Cravings are a very common problem when people try to lose body fat. Each one has its own particular vices, mine is sugar. We are going to talk about some methods that you can use to effectively treat withdrawal symptoms.

The best way is to have a healthy meal all week but one day you can go out and eat something different this way you can avoid eating unhealthy food throughout the week without going out of your diet plan.



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