The UCJC Conference on Advanced Physiotherapy successfully ends

The UCJC Conference on Advanced Physiotherapy successfully ends

The Physiotherapy department of the Camilo José Cela University has held a Conference on Advanced Physiotherapy from June 22 to 24, 2020, in an online format and totally free in which different teachers from degree in Physiotherapy from UCJC and in the different postgraduate training offered by Camilo José Cela University.

On Monday June 22, Dr. Gracia M. Gallego, director of the degree in Physiotherapy, offered the opening of the Conference and the first presentation related to instrumental physiotherapy: ” Ultrasound-guided approach to the psoas tendon with electrolysis ”, betting on a technique offered by the Master in Instrumental Physiotherapy at UCJC .

Tomás Fernández’s presentation was titled ” Ultrasound diagnosis of muscular lesions on the posterior aspect of the thigh “, in which he showed in a very didactic way how the UCJC approaches the ultrasound diagnostic assessment , being a tool of great potential for physiotherapists.

The presentations related to sports were made by Fernando Reyes, Sergio Toba and Roberto Murias, the three teachers in the undergraduate and in the University Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy and Readaptation in Sports at UCJC . Fernando Reyes es, who is also co-director of the Master in Athletic Training and Therapy at UCJC, presented the presentation on ” Core training in sport “, Sergio Toba told us about the ” Assessment and treatment of ankle sprain ”, and Roberto Murias on the“ Flossing Technique ”, a new tool that is introduced in the University Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy and Readaptation at the UCJC Sport in its 2020/21 edition.

From the subject of gynecological physiotherapy, and also sports, Dr. Elena S. Rodríguez made her presentation on the ” Urinary incontinence in elite sport ”.

Dr. María Benito and Raquel Delgado focused on the subject of osteopathic manual therapy, both teachers in the degree and in the Master in Integrative Osteopathy of the UCJC, offered some presentations that were entitled ” Approach plantar fasciosis osteopathic ”and“ Temporomandibular disorders and dental occlusion ”respectively.

´Victoria E. Garnacho, professor in the degree and director of the Expert in Comprehensive Pediatric Physiotherapy at UCJC, gave us a presentation on the “ Manual treatment of visceral alterations in infants under 24 months of age ”.

On the last day of the conference, other topics such as pain and entrepreneurship were discussed. Dr. Edurne Úbeda gave a presentation on the ” Therapeutic approach and exercise in fibromyalgia “, and Juan A. Valera one on the ” Anatomorphological and functional changes induced by cervical pain ”.

Finally, Dr. Jesús Guodemar, a professor in Physiotherapy, focused on entrepreneurship in physiotherapy with the presentation: “How to be an entrepreneur in physiotherapy?” This talk, co-organized with the new Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management at UCJC and with its director, Professor Camila Polensvaig Kominsky, allowed students and professionals in physiotherapy to learn about new management models in health and entrepreneurship models to physiotherapy.

It was also he who closed the conference thanking them for the enormous participation and assistance that they had. A great initiative that allowed to bring physiotherapy closer to students, graduates and people who want to know if this beautiful profession could adapt to their professional future.



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