5 Nutrition rules to gain muscle mass

5 Nutrition rules to gain muscle mass

It doesn’t matter how hard you train or how blessed you happen to be genetically. Without proper nutrition , you will never reach your full potential when it comes to gaining muscle mass .

Even those people who seem to gain muscle mass just by looking at the weights can benefit from having proper nutrition on their side.

But sometimes feeding your body can be tricky. Unless you know what you are doing, poor nutrition can lead you astray and become a hindrance rather than a help.

Reglas de nutrición para ganar masa muscular

Nutrition tips to gain muscle mass

In this article I will show you 5 rules that you can follow this New Year to gain muscle mass .

1. The frequency of meals

It doesn’t matter how often you eat, it doesn’t matter if you eat three times a day or take six containers of food to work, this is not more important than the total number of calories and macronutrients. Some men and women prefer to eat four times a day, while others can eat eight times a day. The best choice is the one that allows you to stay on your diet. As long as you manage to consume the calories and macronutrients you need. The number of servings won’t make a difference.

We have to have a rational mindset and remember that if your calorie intake is almost 4,000, it could be difficult to eat only four meals (it would give us 1000 calories per meal)

2. Consume shakes

Instead of struggling to get 3,000-4,000 calories per day from whole foods, using protein / carbohydrate and fat shakes can help you reach your daily goals without making you feel uncomfortable or bloated from so many whole foods. Skip “weight gainers” products that provide 1,000 calories or more and are full of simple sugars and unhealthy fats. Look for products like whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whole egg, which have high protein values ​​of 159, 104, and 100, respectively. Do you want to be more practical? Create your own shake rich in nutrients: you can add protein powder, ground oats, banana, ground almonds, flax seeds, dried coconut, natural nut butters, oils and anything else you want to include.

3. The body type

One factor that is often overlooked when planning a diet and training program is your body type. You might get the best bulking diet out of a magazine or online, but it might not do you much good if it was designed with someone else in mind. Ectomorphs generally require more calories, carbohydrates, and often more fat in their diet, while endomorphs will want to be more careful with the total number of calories to see how their body reacts and avoid unwanted fat gains. Mesomorphs are the lucky ones. They will generally see relatively good results with moderate calories.

These categories play differently for each one, but are great for helping you set your expectations and strategies. Don’t be obsessed with them, but definitely keep them in mind.

4. Eat simple carbohydrates

Would you like to eat a plate of spaghetti? Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it once in a while. Just be sure to time your carbohydrate intake correctly, especially simple carbohydrates. The two best times to eat these are first thing in the morning – because you are coming off “fasting” and after your workout, when you can use carbs to kick start recovery, refill glycogen stores and help. in the process of muscle growth.

5. Plan your day

Having a plan of when you are going to eat, what you are going to eat and how much you are going to eat instead of just improvising increases your chances of success. muscle growth is not an excuse to eat more. If you want to maximize results, use the same precision with your bulking diet as you would for definition. Take some time each week to dedicate yourself to creating your diet. It’s the best way to guarantee results!



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