Farewell sessions for our 4th grade nursing students at UCJC

Farewell sessions for our 4th grade nursing students at UCJC

From the department of the nursing degree of the Camilo José Cela University, yesterday, June 15, an online farewell session was organized for the 4th grade students of Nursing. The Covid-19 situation has not allowed us to carry out this act in person, however, even remotely, we are all connected.

We had the opportunity to enjoy the presence of the director of nursing at Hospital Virgen del Mar, Esther Fernández . Esther, encouraged our already graduated nurses, to continue discovering what it is to be a nurse. He shared his personal experience, how he came to nursing management, and how he continues to be passionate about caring for the patient and collaborating with his colleagues.

Later, we were able to count on the presence of Sara Gasco from CODEM (official nursing school of Madrid). He spoke of his performance in the management of this pandemic caused by the coronavirus in the community of Madrid. The role of humanization in nursing care was emphasized.

Sara Gasco explained the registration process. Let us remember that nurses must be registered to work (national law since 97). It was indicated that all the procedures of the association can be carried out online , this year with greater reason to avoid possible infections. He pointed out that until the end of June the entry fee has been canceled. Membership includes: the civil liability policy, continuing training for courses and conferences, an assault policy that includes a 24-hour phone number to consult, labor and legal advice …

The students were able to ask questions about their membership, and Sara herself answered all of them. These types of doubts are common since they have not carried out this procedure before, so we believe that it is necessary to have a first contact before entering the world of work, so that doubts can be resolved.

By way of farewell, Professor Raquel Moreno , was in charge of organizing an emotional video, which made more than one cry, here are some of the quotes:

“We hope that each and every one of you will work in the unit that you like the most and never forget to take care of yourself”

“don’t listen to the sellers of fear”

“we are not heroes, we are people, but with impeccable ethics”

Students who have graduated this year will always remember: the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the bicentennial of Florence Nightingale. They have become stronger in the face of adversity, they have faced this new stage with strength, perhaps this pandemic has supported the visibility of nursing. We know that they have been empowered in care work, that they have learned from this crisis and we encourage them to continue learning and continue training.

For the teachers, it has been very enriching to be able to collaborate in their training, all the teachers of the degree dedicated a few words to the students and finally we are left with this beautiful quote:

“The Camilo José Cela University is and will be your home, we are willing to help you in everything, you stop being students to be classmates”



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