Train Smart: Instant Ways to Improve 6 Exercises

Train Smart: Instant Ways to Improve 6 Exercises

Settings are not for the weak. In fact, small improvements can sometimes produce big results. Incorporate these tips into your session today!

You have a great diet, a fancy training program , and enough motivation to train all that is needed. You go to the gym, you start to get results, and you feel great, like you could somehow lift a million kilos. Do you think or imagine that you’re doing everything right? Think again.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new or a veteran in the gym, there are always additional adjustments that you can incorporate into your workouts that will improve the results of your exercises, taking them to a higher level.

Instant ways to improve 6 exercises

By implementing the following adjustments to your exercises, you will improve the intensity, your results and avoid boredom in the gym.

1. Leg Press Upgrade: Move your feet

As a long-term basic leg exercise, the leg press can help you turn baggy jeans into tailored pants for quadriceps . While there is nothing wrong with technically doing the leg press with your feet in the center of the platform, placing your feet a little lower (toward the bottom of the platform) can give you a more intense workout for your legs. quadriceps.

If your routine already includes the deadlift, this small change in the Leg press will add more balance to your program – you won’t overwork your hamstrings or prevent your quads from not working enough.

2. Improvement for Deadlift: Spread the legs more

To increase the intensity, try using a wider stance while performing the Deadlift. This pose is most effective for targeting the inside of your thighs and glutes. As you expand your posture, point your toes slightly outward to ensure good form and a comfortable movement pattern.

Keep all other elements of the Deadlift in place as you normally would: Raise the bar with your back straight and focus on squeezing your glutes and pushing your hips forward as you straighten up. Work on keeping your lower back rigid.

Mejora para el Peso Muerto

3. Improvement for push-ups on the floor: Pause

Although push-ups are one of the best movements you can do to build your upper body and to gain strength, they are often overlooked in favor of heavy exercises. (We know it’s hard to look in the mirror and do push-ups at the same time.)

So make your push-ups even more difficult. Advanced techniques include close grip pushups or pyramid push-ups, incline and decline push-ups, one-arm push-ups, etc. So, no matter what variation you are doing at the moment, pause at the bottom of the movement.

Pausing during push-ups will force the muscles to contract more than normal, increasing the total time that the muscles remain under tension. By pausing at the bottom your trunk will also participate. Keeping your back straight at all times will prevent back pain.

Mejora para las Flexiones de brazos

4. Improvement for abdominal crunches: Hands over head

Everybody wants awesome abs. Doing crunches correctly can help you achieve them.

Many people allow their arms to do the exercise when their abs should be doing the work. Placing your hands on the sides of your head generally increases the chances that you will swing forward and use that momentum to help you do your abs. Although crossing your arms in front of your chest may prevent you from pushing yourself, it doesn’t add much resistance to the exercise.

For best results, keep your arms above your head when doing your sit-ups. Make sure you can’t use them for balance or that you allow them to help your abdominal muscles do the work.

5. Improvement for funds: Mejora para los fondos Get out of the bank

If you normally include bank funds in your exercise routine, consider switching to parallel funds.

Unless you’re a beginner and haven’t built a base strength level, dipping between two parallel bars will put a lot more stress on the triceps than doing the exercise by placing your hands on a bench.

If you’re trying to build some incredible triceps, parallel dips are the right way to go. By not leaning forward, you keep the load on your triceps and not on your chest.

6. Improvement for Triceps Extensions: Use the small bar

Another amazing exercise for the triceps is the Rope Triceps Extension. The problem with this exercise is that some people may feel pain in their hands and wrists as they begin to work with more weight.

To help ease this pain, use the Triceps Extension bar. This bar offers a more stable pushing surface, allowing you to direct more force in a straight line toward the triceps, relieving stress on the wrists and joints.

When using the barbell triceps extensions, you will have the option of using a supination grip or a prone grip. Each one stimulates the triceps in a slightly different way. Incorporate both grips into your workout for optimal results.



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