3 exercises to build colossal triceps

3 exercises to build colossal triceps

Triceps | Extensiones de tríceps en polea alta

If you want to increase the size of your arms, one of the most important things you can do is focus on the work of the triceps muscle. When your triceps are well developed, your arms will be much more noticeable since this muscle constitutes a very important part of the mass of the arm in general.

Many bodybuilders do not take the time to develop this muscle, as they are much more concerned with working the biceps. While biceps training is also important, having a good balance in upper body training is vital.

Ejercicios para triceps

Anatomy of the triceps

The triceps has three heads: the lateral, middle and long head. These muscles connect the humerus and shoulder blade to the bone in the forearm called the ulna. It’s important to make sure you incorporate exercises that affect all three of these heads to fully develop the back of your upper arm. Simply doing a triceps exercise will not be enough.

Training days

In the old days of bodybuilding, you trained your triceps on the same day as your chest. In fact, many bodybuilders still do. However, this old school technique may not be the best way to develop them if you are looking for optimal triceps size or if your triceps are lagging behind.

If you work triceps after chest, you will not be able to use an optimal weight to overload the triceps, which have already been partially worked as part of your chest routine.

Giving your triceps full focus to carry more weight while fresh will improve your results.

Exercises that you can use to really get the full size of your triceps.

1. Close grip bench press

It’s a great exercise to hit the middle and lateral heads of the triceps. This exercise can be performed in flat, incline, or declination variations. Between 10 and 25 degrees of decline or incline is recommended.

Take a deep breath and hold your breath as you lower the bar to your chest. When you go to touch the pecs, reverse the direction and push the bar up.

Expel the air when you pass the most difficult point of the ascending phase.

The elbows should point to the front and stay close to the sides during the ascent and descent. Keep your hands about 13 centimeters apart. Holding your hands close together increases the pressure on your elbows and wrists.

Press de Banca

2. Lying dumbbell extensions:

This exercise hits all three heads of the triceps. You are going to have to go a little lighter and more careful in this exercise, in order to maintain strict form during the negative phase of the exercise. A dumbbell and a bench are all that we have to use to perform the horizontal bench dumbbell extensions exercise. Bring the dumbbells to the end of the bench and sit on it. Now grab each dumbbell with one hand, or one hand, and bring them to your chest. Raise and stretch your arms and, from this position, bend your forearm to the side. Thus, during the execution of this exercise, the arms remain in their natural position, without twisting the forearm or wrist, which facilitates its execution and allows the use of a little heavier dumbbells.

You can also do this exercise with one hand, for a better concentration on the muscle.

Triceps | Extensiones con mancuerna acostado

3. High pulley triceps extensions:

Standing, facing the device, with the hands on the handle and the elbows aligned with the body, make an extension of the forearms, trying not to separate the elbows from the body. Exhale at the end of the movement.

With this exercise we work the three heads of the brachial triceps and the anconeus.

Triceps extensions can be done with the reverse grip; that is, with the palms facing up, working the inner head of the triceps.

Another way to do it in stirrups, in this case the repetitions corresponding to a series with one arm are performed and immediately the repetitions of the other arm are followed before moving to the rest phase between series.

Triceps | Extensiones de tríceps en polea alta



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