Weight training for women

Weight training for women

weight training offers many benefits. First of all, due to its short-term and long-term effects on metabolism and when it comes to burning fat that can both help you lose weight and body fat until you maintain the new weight already gained. Since you lose less protein and more fat, you will maintain the tone of the body that others lose when they diet.

Numerous studies have shown that weight training can improve physical and mental health, decrease musculoskeletal disorders and some of the problems associated with aging, such as mobility of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass .

The results of weight training help to raise hemoglobin levels by up to 25% in men and women, and increase the stroke volume – more blood circulating at any given time -. Therefore, it increases exercise tolerance and reduces fatigue.

Entrenamiento con pesas en la mujer

Unfortunately, while it is clear that using weights offers many benefits, many women avoid it because they are afraid of becoming too muscular and manly. So they stay away from the use of weights. They only do aerobics, yoga, Pilates and ultimately, they trick themselves into getting the body they really want.

Another reason some women don’t use weight training is because they want a toned physique, but not a big volume with big muscles. These women fear that building muscle will actually make their appearance look worse. Adding muscle will actually help support your metabolism and allow you to lose fat in those problem areas

Weight lifting can take the place of yoga, Pilates, and aerobics. In fact, there is no other form of exercise that offers as much as weight lifting.

While women who lift weights will gain some extra muscle, they will only accentuate their feminine appearance, they will never gain muscle like a man.

Hormonal differences and the effect on muscles and exercise

In general, unless the woman is using anabolic steroids, being too muscular for women is a myth. Women will not look manly if they train with weights. That’s because they don’t have the hormonal and genetic apparatus to create the amount of muscle that men can.

Higher levels of the hormone testosterone (https://steroide24.com/shop/injizierbare-steroide/testosteron/testosteron-undecanate) in men lead to differences in muscle and fat mass, and differences in response to exercise, including the effect on lipolysis (process metabolic process by which the body’s lipids are transformed to produce fatty acids and glycerol to meet energy needs) and protein synthesis.

Testosterone increases muscle protein synthesis and net muscle protein balance leading to increased muscle mass. Ovarian hormones can inhibit muscle protein synthesis. As a result of the huge differences in sex hormones between men and women, women do not have the ability to gain large amounts of muscle mass.

This is an important point for normal women to understand. No matter how much exercise they do, they will never get muscular.



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